Walkup registration will be available at the run.


Dear friends,

For every good run, there should be something beyond the fun to inspire you. Zombie Bolt is teaming up the Toby Keith Foundation. Part of your registration money will be sent to the Toby Keith Foundation to make a difference.

I can't imagine living in a world of zombies. A world where disease has spread to the point you have to plan every day for how to stay alive. And hoping that one day, a cure can be found to set you free.

But as I've become more globally aware, many people do live in very analogous state. We are so thankful for the great doctors, nurses and staff that work alongside the Toby Keith Foundation. We are so excited to have the opportunity to give to Toby’s cause so that other children can share excellent care during those tough times ahead.

We've added the Regeneration Stations to our course so that everyone has the chance to "stay alive". After all, without the hope of a “cure” then the race can seem futile. We run for hope. We fight for a cure so that our existence means something bigger than ourselves.

I've learned that we all need someone to lean on. That's a great part of what makes us human.

Scott Lancaster