Walkup registration will be available at the run.


Runners have one job...don't get caught. You'll be wearing two flags (think flag football) that represent your lives. Finish the race with either one flag intact to "stay alive". Win the day with the lowest time while remaining "alive" and become "The Fastest Living Runner"! Yeah, I'm pretty sure no other race has a cool sounding, cheesy trophy like this. Be one of the first three men or women to finish alive and get a sweet trophy. The rest of us get the ABSOLUTE coolest medals I've ever seen for a race to remember it. Think like Daryl from the Walking Dead. Crazy cool!

Remember that it isn't just the track, but the zombies chasing you on the track that make it tough. We will have a few Zombie-free zones on the path to give you a chance to rest and hit the Regeneration Stations to get some life back.

While it's not going to be a beautiful day in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, it is rumored that he might make a presence. Won't you be mine?

The Big Day

Runners will show up at least one and a half hours early on race day to enjoy some music from our featured DJ and the general chaos of zombies everywhere before the shindig sets off. Runners will navigate the course(WITHOUT hurting any zombies), come back to life in the Regeneration Stations and cross the finish line. During the race take pictures all over the place to enjoy for generations to come!

TIP: Take a photo with a zombie and get a flag back! Please watch the video for a more vivid explanation. :)