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Of the three things you wanted to be when you grew up, we know the first...a zombie! Now thanks to an untimely bite on the arm, your wish has been granted! The choice is yours as to what kind of zombie you want to be.

Type I: The Wanderer

The Wanderer will wander around the course with little concern for runners. Consider it your audition for the next big zombie film!

  • You will stay on a specific part of the course the entire duration of the race.
  • You will not have to run ANY of the 3.11 mile course. Spend training time watching zombie flicks in preparation for your audition with a real Hollywood director (real Hollywood director not included)!

Type II: The Limper

For the slow at heart (and body), this is your ticket! Choose to be a Limper and you will be assigned to a section of the course. You can stand, limp, stagger, or just growl as long as you don't run. Your job is to grab runner flags that are too close for comfort. As the saying goes, "Spare the flag, spoil the runner!" or something like that.

  • You will stay on the course the entire length of the race
  • You will not run ANY of the 3.11 mile course. Spend training time polishing off a round of donuts!
  • Grab flags, look scary, have fun!

Type III: The Bolter

The Bolter is the ultimate zombie. They will pursue the runners for most of the full 3.11 miles of the course.

  • You get to chase people without going into police custody.
  • You have free reign to terrorize any and all areas of the course (except the zombie-free zones).
  • Chase people, take flags. Crunch all you want, we'll send more runners!
  • You can win the only zombie trophy we've ever heard of
  • NOTICE: These runners aren't going to eat themselves. Yeah, you probably should train a bit to catch the sneaky ones.

The Big Day

Your job on race day is to show up wearing your zombie costume. Yes, you do need a costume. It can be typical zombie casual, or something totally crazy (or clowny). Have fun with it and be creative. After all, zombies don't really exist so how can you do it wrong?

If you aren't sure what a zombie looks (or might look) like, then go to the cloud and check out some great sites that can teach you. Being a fan of The Walking Dead, here's one of my personal favorites.

Show up about 2-3 hours early and our professional (or semi-pro) artists will give you a bit of make-up treatment for that special moment. This time is first-come, first-serve so do NOT complain if you miss it by showing up too late. You've been warned!

Rumor is that some directors will be present to get some video of zombies in the forest. Those hanging out early enough will get a chance to immortalize themselves in films they will never see.